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So, Uh, What's the Rubber Chicken for, Ma'am?

Our play space may be somewhat different than what you might expect, especially if you're fantasizing about gloomy castles, vampiric lairs or tacky porn decor. There may be a little industrial decor, but it's really quite tasteful. Really.

I do have a tremendous collection of equipment, furniture and cross-dressing supplies. If there's something you're curious about that you don't see referred to here and you have a doctor's note verifying that your head will explode if you don't get it in a session, you may e-mail me to ask about it, or bring it with you to a session.

Free-standing bondage table, suspended bondage table, suspension frame, inversion rack, padded bench, medical grade sling, spreader bars, St. Andrew's cross, body harnesses, chastity harnesses, hand and ankle cuffs (metal, leather), thumb cuffs, posture collar, slave collars & leads, ropes (hundreds of feet in various colors and weights), chains, duct tape, rubber exercise bands, straps, shrink wrap, anticipation, disorientation, dissonance and suspense. Oh, and a little spinny thing just big enough to support your feet.

A comfy chair for taking people over my knee, frat-style wooden paddles, canes, double-tails, single-tails, floggers of traditional and remarkable materials, hairbrushes, indescribable implements made from improbable materials, paddles (leather, rubber, wood), paddleball racquets, riding crops, rubber straps, switches (seasonal) and tissues for the tender... hearted. Sympathy negotiable.

Crossdressers and Sissy Maids
Spike-heeled shoes, wigs, makeup, jewelry, corsets, panties, stockings, negligees, breast forms, street clothing, maids uniforms, manicure supplies, Marilyn Monroe CD, feather duster, giggling and admiration. Plan on spending a minimum of two hours for a cross dressing session; one hour is just long enough to complete an ensemble from head to toes, with five minutes left to take everything back off again, and where's the fun in that?

Ob/Gyn exam table, speculum, rosebud urethral sounds, sounds I make myself in a way you won't believe until you've felt it, cupping kits, surgical masks and gloves, hospital gowns, sterile needles and monofilament (for temporary piercings), medicated creams and sprays, surgical tape, surgical staples, liquid bandage and other very sharp, shiny scary things, all used with PhD-level expertise endorsed by the K-Tel School of Medicine. Nurse Ratched covers anesthesia and aftercare. No role play here: just fun with exotic and seriously difficult-to-obtain goodies.

Sensory Deprivation & Breath Control
I've got blindfolds galore, cling film in at least three sizes, a guillotine, some full head hoods, ball gags and inflatable gags. Let's see if you can figure out which item in the previous sentence I was just kidding about.
As for breath control; don't panic! Asphyxiation play has its place, but what I'm referring to here is a biofeedback technique that I teach to everyone I play with, regardless of what we'll be doing. The technique is primarily used for stress and pain management, but has a wider range of uses. We'll spend the first few minutes of your first session working on the fundamentals and I'll check to make sure you've been practicing the next time I see you. It's a garbage in/garbage out discipline, so the more you use it, the more you'll get out of it. I've played with people who've been in the leather scene for over 20 years, and they've said the biofeedback technique helps them get about 75% more out of sessions than they were ever able to before. Don't ask me how they quantify it, I'm just reporting my field data.
I also do actual breath play in a more traditional sense, i.e., asphyxiation. I won't make anyone lose consciousness (never on a first date, anyway: I'm an old-fashioned girl), but it'll be a helluva rush.

Fiendish Delights
we're always getting new toys and goodies in. Sometimes they don't quite fit in a category. The latest is this delightful machine from Extreme Restraints: "The Fucking Machine Power Box". We've been having some incredible times with it.


Electric Play
My absolute favorite toy in my entire collection is my violet wand. I've been using a violet wand for quite a few years now and I'm only just starting to hear of other people using it the way I do. Must be all the workshops I've taught. It can be used to transmit anything from the lightest feathery tingle to a spark strong enough to use for fire play.
I was recently given a cattle prod as a gift, but I only use it on the heaviest pain sluts and those who moo a little too eagerly. Then again, I do tend to get inordinately annoyed by people who forget to say "Yes, Ma'am." I'll most likely remind such people of their manners with a little help from an electric flyswatter, but only at first.
I've got a loverly Rimba TENs unit with some nifty attachments. I'm always interested in new attachments, so if you see anything that looks especially delicious that you'd like to try, I'm happy to increase my collection.
One toy that isn't exactly an electric toy is an antique hand-held vibrating massaging thingy. It's fun for overstim play, especially in conjunction with a TENs probe. Yes, there is such a thing as too much pleasure.

Fire and Ice Play
When you see people in music videos splashing each other with wax from candles, it's a sure sign the mainstream has appropriated yet another fun thing and turned it into mere kink. When I do hot wax scenes, the last thing you'll catch me using is something as pedestrian as lit candles. Hot wax play the way I do it involves an array of implements and equipment, makes a huge mess, and doesn't feel anything like what you might expect.
I also do fire play using actual fire. I can use it in Chinese fire cups (used by acupuncturists and other alternative healers - marks are unavoidable) or by brushing it onto your skin directly from my hand or by several other means, all relatively safe and all a rush like no other.
I'm just as creative at the lower end of the thermostat. Ice tubes sometimes find their way into the fun. I can heat up your skin with a good flogging or paddling and then give you a flash chill. Then there are the things I can do to a urethra with ice that nobody had thought of til I started doing it.

Puppy Play
Kennel, toilet with seat left up, biscuits, cone-style vet collar, leashes and collars, rolled up newspapers and squeaky toys, live furry dog to cavort with (tug-o-war, competing for treats - nothing more), flea dip and tummy rub. Since none of the commands you hear will be in English, you may find being a good dog is more of a challenge than you'd expect. I have a set of ears, a puppy nose and tail to put on you and once you're in puppy gear, I expect to see you being the best puppy you can be. Or else.

Safety, Sanity and Subjectivity
I love edge play - the edgier the better - but until I've gotten to know someone over the course of a few less extreme sessions, I avoid going too far beyond the pale with a first-timer.
This is all about trust, and the deeper one explores BDSM, the more necessary it is for mutual trust and compatibility to exist. You will be assigned a safe word (it's "ouch", since you ask) and, if you're a novice, you'll learn when it's appropriate to use it. Once we get to know each other and I've learned your tolerances, we may decide to play without a safe word and we'll discuss that when the time comes.
Although I don't have a safe word of my own to use, I do reserve the right to call a halt to anything happening in a session that I'm not also completely comfortable with. If my limits aren't respected even once, you don't get a second chance.

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
Robert Frost, 1920