Web site for Denver's Dominant Mistress, Saskia - The Great and Powerful Sozz!
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Nice to see you at this part of my site! It is my hope that what you read about here will clarify any concerns or curiosity you may have about my personality, experience, style, limits and interests.

I expect you to pay close attention to what I have to say, or be able to fake it well enough to handle a pop quiz. I respect and enjoy the submissives (and bottoms and sissies) I play with. I've made an effort to answer here the questions I'm invariably asked. Whether you're a novice or a veteran, your understanding of my style and interests will ensure we have the best possible time together when we play.
As you can see from the numerous photographs scattered throughout my site, I come equipped with the standard features package for the Celtic American Princess series. You'll find I have a perverse sense of humor that heavily influences my domination style. I relish keeping people guessing just how aberrant a psyche I possess. This tends to keep them on their toes (sometimes literally), not exactly sure what just happened and without a clue as to what happens next.

Experience? References? Certification?
I dove headfirst into BDSM in 1996 after a lover brought my innate dominant nature to the surface so strongly that I knew I'd never be able to stuff that roaring lion back in her box. I decided to apprentice at a commercial dungeon a few weeks later because I couldn't think of any other way to feed my fascination with all this freaky stuff. I wanted to find the most direct route to acquiring the knowledge and skills I craved and hoped that studying under proven experts was it.
It's rare to find dedicated, serious players in a commercial setting, and I was incredibly lucky to have studied where I did. I was trained by a Master with 15 years of training and experience in German dungeons. Beyond the traditional education in techniques and aesthetics, my Master taught me to respect my submissives above all else. I share his passion for perpetually refining my craft.

Wanted: Friendly Lab Rats. Exercise Wheel Provided.
My approach to BDSM is a great way for me to test out my behavioral science hypotheses. When I have an opportunity to condition a submissive, my attention is fully engaged and all mental cylinders are firing. Conversely, when a submissive tries to top me from below or otherwise cramp my style, I can't wait to boot 'em out the door. The cherished pets with the limpid control-group eyes and the 'do-with-me-as-you-will' attitude are almost always kept around to play with for as long as respective schedules allow on a given day. I can't overstate how much I value the trust, faith and affection given to me by any submissive I play with, professionally or personally. I feel very protective of my submissives' well-being and take my responsibility for their welfare seriously.

Be Afwaid, Be Vewwy Afwaid.
Sure, it's possible I drugged the night staff on D Ward, used their computer to put together this site, wrote a bunch of obnoxious drivel calculated to bore to tears all but a select few and entice you into meeting me tomorrow night in the alley behind the inmate cafeteria. It's possible. If you come during visiting hours, I'd sure appreciate a carton of Winstons if it's not too much trouble. Much obliged.
I have no intentions at all to do anything in a professional session that could compromise my freedom, safety or reputation. I see no reward in brutalizing another creature and damaging someone during a session would be wicked bad customer service feng shui. The only agenda I ever have for any session is to explore uncharted submissive territory and dig up any buried treasure I find. Agendas are for scripted scenes, which feel artificial and forced. I do my best to 'click' with a submissive early on, then use whatever energy they give me to direct the ebb and flow of the scene. You could use our interview as an opportunity to calibrate your bullshit detector, but please don't ever agree to play with anyone if your gut feeling about it isn't good.

A Kiss on the Hand Can be Quite Continental...
but like any other professional, Dominants expect to be compensated for services rendered. Our first few sessions together will probably start at $200/hour, and will be reduced when you've demonstrated your commitment to me. If you respect the professional nature of our relationship and can appreciate how cathartic, intense and exciting playing with me can be, I'll always be happy to see you. I won't watch the clock or insult you with a McSession, and you'll be given the highest priority on my calendar when I know you can't wait a second longer to play with me.

Trannies and Switches and Bis, Oh My!
The fee referred to above varies based upon the intensity of the session and the duration of our relationship, and only applies to sessions with me. If you hope to schedule a session with myself and other dominant men or women present, the fee would increase depending on the length of the session and number of participants. If you are a switch or a fellow Dominant and would prefer to play with a submissive under my supervision, that can also be arranged.
I will not eat it in a box, I will not eat it with a fox.
Gotta watch that cholesterol. If surfing the net has you fixated on Dominatrix Barbies, you've probably conditioned yourself to respond to style before substance. If my bra size concerns you more than my professional freak certification, you're better off contacting an escort. Escorts might not challenge or elevate you, but if you can only reach nirvana by watching someone in black spandex work a pair of stiletto heels like a demon, mazel tov and bon voyage to you. If you want to see my wickedest grin, ask as politely as possible if I will give you a hand job. Watching you bounce on your butt a few times before skidding to a halt in the street will put stretch marks in my cheeks.

Collar or Noose? Decisions, Decisions.
What I put around your neck depends on whether you're just trying to schmooze a free session when you ask to be my personal slave, or if you might genuinely thrive on being a 24/7 declawed slave kitty for a big game hunting bitch like me. I'm less fussy about choosing lovers than personal slaves and would rather keep the pets I've already housebroken than have to start from scratch with feral additions. Keeping the population down saves on kibble, too. The slaves I've hunted and trapped for my private menagerie have been male, female or something mouthwateringly ambiguous. They've been highly intelligent, creative, artistic, gregarious, balanced people with the strong sense of humor and teflon hide it takes to be around me for any length of time. If I'm going to seriously consider you as a personal slave, we'll play a few times on a professional level and see if sparks fly.